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Dedicated Counsels with specific practice expertise.

Personalized and customized legal professionals when you need it.

Trouble-free recruitment of short-term legal assistance.

Cost effective.

As a pioneer in the legal resourcing model in the country, Budidjaja Corp has reinvented the way we do business in the legal industry.

With this new model, we deliver best practice legal expertise according to your needs, no more unnecessary, expensive extra fees. We understand that clients should not compromise when it comes to quality legal work and value for money. We combine ability and flexibility together to provide tailored legal solutions for our clients.

At the same time, this innovation allows exceptional legal professionals to work with flexibility, as well as provides opportunities to work on matters with diverse range of industries and clients. Budidjaja Corp’s experienced lawyers and paralegals will have the capacity to expand their career, while also pursuing more balanced personal and career goal.

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About Us

In response to clients’ changing requirements and needs of legal expertise, Budidjaja International Lawyers (BIL) formed Budidjaja Corp: the new model to do the task of procuring on-demand legal professionals to fill in your full-time and part-time legal talents for any specific period of time.

We are an integral part of BIL. We focus on building law practice training and knowledge management system. With the power and resources of BIL behind us, we can offer flexible legal solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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We are not regular resourcing company. Here at Budidjaja Corp we give you all the support to make sure your career’s growth is exactly where you want to be.

At different stages of the legal career, a legal professional has different needs and circumstances to grow.

Are you an exceptional lawyer who is looking for a new way of working without compromising the quality of project you are handling? Do you want to be in control on how and when you work? Are you looking for an innovative way of working in the legal industry without the structure of the conventional law firm practice?

Join our capable team!

Our selection process

Budidjaja Corp’s legal professionals are our biggest assets. That is why we spend ample amount of time in our selection process to we are able to utilize your potentials to the maximum. The steps are as follow:

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